Emerson Process Management's Life Science Engineering Center Adopts AgileDoc® Software Lifecycle (SLC) Tools

April 22, 2013, Albany, California, USA - Informetric Systems Inc. announces that Emerson Process Management's Life Science Engineering Center has adopted AgileDoc® software lifecycle (SLC) tools.

AgileDoc is an SLC document suite developed by Informetric Systems Inc. AgileDoc enables authorized users to easily generate system design documentation and ensures that automation systems are accurately and thoroughly documented. AgileDoc documents all aspects of an automation system, including sequential and continuous logic, procedural recipe flow and formula parameters, as well as the logical and physical system configuration.

Emerson will utilize AgileDoc to generate system documentation for DeltaV™ digital automation systems. AgileDoc will enable Emerson's engineers to focus on high value-add configuration services while ensuring documentation compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.

"AgileDoc will streamline our internal project execution, thus ensuring that we provide the highest value services to our customers," said Steve Murray, principal engineer, Emerson. "AgileDoc also provides a path for our customers to license a commercially-available document generation framework for maintaining evergreen documentation after our initial delivery."

Additional information on AgileDoc can be obtained through