Announcing InfoLog™ 4.0

Information for Customers Transitioning from Emerson Logbooks

Informetric Systems and Emerson are expanding their partnership with the transfer of Emerson’s DeltaV Logbooks and Syncade Logbooks to Informetric. Emerson and Informetric entered into an agreement in which Informetric will assume ongoing development and support of Logbooks under the InfoLog product name. InfoLog 4.0 is available as of December 17, 2021. The first InfoLog release is functionally identical and fully compatible with the most recent Emerson Logbooks releases for DeltaV and Syncade.


Existing Emerson Logbooks customers who are migrating to InfoLog 4.0 should request download access for installation media, then contact Informetric for migration assistance. To request more information, please click on the Request Information button below.

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Input verification ensures accurate and complete data


Network-based, multi-user database application


Rigorous security with option for Windows authentication


Every change written to audit trail


All data archived in a central database with option for web-based reporting


Suitable for a wide range of input tasks including laboratory test data, machine logs, and downtime recording