Electronic Logbooks

InfoLog® 4.0  is a browser-based application used to capture electronic records of operator activity as well as plan and track operator tasks during a shift. With InfoLog, operators can record information about daily operations, view a prioritized task list, and access a shift change dashboard that includes shift status and summary reports. InfoLog is suitable for any event-driven data entry, including operator rounds, laboratory test sample input and alarm annotation.
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Still Using Paper Logbooks?

As manufacturers continually look for more efficient ways to run their facilities, many are re-evaluating the way data is collected, stored and analyzed. Facilities currently using paper records or spreadsheets to organize data have probably encountered challenges involved with collecting data in a manual format. Switching to a system that electronically and automatically collects data minimizes issues involved with accuracy, security, accessibility, reporting and more.

Benefits of an Electronic Logbook

Ensure Accurate and Complete Data Collection

InfoLog allows operators to quickly create log entries through simple text entry or by using templates for more comprehensive records. By indexing all log entries to make them searchable, InfoLog delivers a robust knowledge base to your operators to help accelerate problem-solving and decision-making.

Security, Traceability, and Compliance

InfoLog was designed from the start to conform with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Signatures. All view/enter/edit privileges are tied to a role-based security model. All transactional actions (insertions, updates, deletions) in InfoLog are recorded in the Audit Trail and stored permanently.

Task Management

InfoLog can be used to schedule all necessary tasks up to years in the future. Because InfoLog is an electronic solution, recurring tasks do not need to be added individually. These tasks can be set on a schedule, saving the supervisor from having to manually schedule every instance.

Promote Accountability

With InfoLog, task visibility is greatly improved. When a user logs into the application, they are immediately able to view a list of the tasks they need to complete. Because users can be assigned individual tasks, there is no confusion over who needs to complete which items. A flag count draws attention to all required signatures, so none are missed.

Easily Configure Forms

Forms on InfoLog templates can be created interactively through the web browser. Any type of information required in a paper log entry can be made more precise in an InfoLog form. Forms can also be prepopulated with data, or sections of a form can perform calculations based on the values entered.

Shift Handover

Shift handover can be a risky part of the day. Communication between the current shift and the new shift is critical to success and safety. InfoLog provides a dashboard that delivers a high level summary of what has happened during a shift as well as on-going tasks. Critical knowledge is collected and approved as the facility transfers into the next shift.


Every plant has common tasks that ensure day to day operation is safe, secure, and efficient. While the content of these tasks may vary, what doesn’t change is that task management can easily become an overwhelming chore for a shift supervisor. Day to day plant management tasks are traditionally time consuming, tedious, and, in many cases, easily overlooked. In addition, scheduling and logging of task completion is frequently managed by a series of paper notebooks, in which operators are expected to keep track of all essential task information.

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