Electronic Logbooks

Introducing InfoLog® 4.0

Informetric Systems and Emerson Automation Solutions have expanded their partnership with the transfer of Emerson’s DeltaV™ Logbooks and Syncade™ Logbooks to Informetric. InfoLog® 4.0 is the result of that partnership.


InfoLog is a browser-based application used to capture electronic records of operator activity as well as plan and track operator tasks during a shift. With InfoLog, operators can record information about daily operations, view a prioritized task list, and access a shift change dashboard that includes shift status and summary reports. InfoLog is suitable for any event-driven data entry, including operator rounds, laboratory test sample input and alarm annotation.

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Security, Traceability and Compliance

InfoLog was designed from the start to conform with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Signatures. All view/enter/edit privileges are tied to a role-based security model. An individual’s authorization to enter and edit data is defined by the user’s role. All transactional actions (insertions, updates, deletions) in Logbooks are recorded in the Audit Trail and stored permanently.

Minimize Shift Handover Risk

Shift handover can be a risky part of the day. Communication between the current shift and the new shift is critical to success and safety. By collecting and approving critical knowledge during shift change, InfoLog drives a more consistent shift handover process. InfoLog provides a dashboard that delivers a high level summary of what has happened during a shift as well as on-going tasks. Operators can access more detailed information through classification, status or user configurable filters. If needed, they can easily view past shift summaries as well.


Input verification ensures accurate and complete data


Network-based, multi-user database application


Rigorous security with option for Windows authentication


Every change written to audit trail


All data archived in a central database with option for web-based reporting


Suitable for a wide range of input tasks including laboratory test data, machine logs, and downtime recording