InfoLog® 4.0: Electronic Logbooks

Digitizing Data & Activities

InfoLog is a browser-based electronic logbook application used to capture records of operator activity as well as plan and track operator tasks. With InfoLog, operators can record information about daily operations, view a prioritized task list, and access a dashboard with summary reports. InfoLog is suitable for any event-driven data entry, including operator rounds, laboratory test sample input and alarm annotation.

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Connectivity: A screenshot of an alarm-triggered log entry in InfoLog Electronic Logbooks


InfoLog is a highly flexible and connective electronic logbook tool. Users can create scheduled activities, ad hoc log entries, or set up triggered events.


InfoLog Event Monitor can connect to an external system interface and trigger log entries for events such as automation alarms, process or production events, and changes in value or state.


What’s the point of collecting data without proper contextualization? With InfoLog, log entries are clearer and more accurate. Users can easily find past log entries by date or by using the search function.


Users can input information in preconfigured templates with forms, add notes, categorize entries with tags, and add attachments and comments.

Contextualization: A screenshot of InfoLog Electronic Logbooks log entry details, like the notes, flags, tags, and contributors sections
Productivity: A screenshot of InfoLog Electronic Logbooks advanced search tool


When all log entries are in one place, searchable, and properly contextualized, no one has to waste time trying to decipher disorganized paper logs. With the embedded reporting tool, supervisors can easily generate a report that summarizes log entries from a particular timespan.


When data entry is clear and simple, productivity increases.


InfoLog’s task and signature assignment capabilities ensure that no logs are ever left incomplete or without review.


Tasks can be assigned to users or user groups, requiring that a log entry’s information be entered before its due date. Incomplete forms and signatures are flagged to prevent them from being lost.


InfoLog also allows users to configure 21 CFR Part 11 compliant e-signatures for different roles and levels of permissions. Signatures can be required for certain types of log entries or flagged issues.

Data Integrity: A screenshot of InfoLog Electronic Logbooks signatures capability

Data Integrity

All transactional actions are recorded in the audit trail. No information can ever be lost or falsified.


When necessary, InfoLog can also be set to require additional signatures, comments, or cosigners. All actions are traceable to the user.

Key Benefits

Ensure audit readiness
Create log entries quicker and more accurately
Increase efficient communication between personnel
Lower costs
Build a historical knowledge base
Reduce risk

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