Alarm Annotation with InfoLog®

Alarm Annotation with InfoLog®

About this video:

Watch this video to learn how how InfoLog®, Informetric’s electronic logbook application, can be used for alarm annotation.

Video Transcript:

In this brief video, we will demonstrate how InfoLog, Informetric’s electronic logbook application, can be used for alarm annotation.

InfoLog is a browser based application for capturing electronic records of operator activity.

We can configure InfoLog so that when an automation alarm occurs, it will trigger the creation of a new log entry. 

This log entry will automatically populate with information about the alarm. The template has also been configured to include a space for annotation.

When our operator, John Smith, sees this alarm in the logbook, he can add his comment here: “Automation adjusted alarm limit.”

Once he added his annotation, he can scroll down. The log entry can also be set up to include a space for signatures. Here, we have an operator signature for the annotation performer, and a supervisor signature for the verifier.

Because InfoLog has 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, role-based signatures, John can sign off as an operator with his username and password.

However, he does not have permission to sign off as supervisor for the verifier signature. Instead, we need our supervisor user, Jane Green, to input her unique username and password.

Now, we’ve annotated the alarm, and added signatures. The alarm annotation is complete.

Because the log entry includes all these details about the alarm, we are able to link it to an InfoBatch report in the future. For example, you could include the alarm annotations on an audit trail report.

Thank you for watching this video on how to use InfoLog to annotate alarms.