RQMS™ Slit Roll Management

RQMS™ Slit Roll Management

About this video:

Follow along as we use RQMS™ to interactively slit a master roll.

Video Transcript:

This video provides a brief overview of slit roll management using RQMS, the Roll Quality Management System.

RQMS acquires and archives high resolution profile and inspection data from inline quality instrumentation. Here we’re looking at scan by scan profile data corresponding to a master roll.

We’re going to interactively slit a master roll through the client application.

We create a 2000 meter machine direction set and apply a slit roll pattern to that section of the roll.

We’ll allocate the last 3000m to another machine direction set again using the 4×70 slit roll pattern. Once we’ve added the second set, we’ll commit both sets to the database.

The RQMS server creates slit roll records with precise quality attributes.

Now that we’ve created the slit roll records, we can view a slit roll overlay on the master roll profile map. We can also drill down through the master roll to the individual slit roll records and see the recommended disposition of each slit roll, as well as key quality statistics. We can also directly access the roll map associated with this particular slit roll record.

Thank you for watching this video on slit roll management with RQMS.