Roll Goods

Manufacturers of paper, plastics, coated materials, nonwovens, and metals have made significant investments in measurement, control and process information systems. RQMS™, the Roll Quality Management System, maximizes the quality and throughput improvements generated by these systems through a suite of integrated applications. RQMS operates 24 x 7 software to reduce scrap, track production, and document product quality.
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Software Solutions

Universal View to All Roll Quality Data

RQMS integrates distributed data into an easy-to-use suite that provides a global view of roll quality. RQMS can acquire data from any system that influences roll quality, including web gauging, optical defect inspection, process historians, and LIMS. In addition, RQMS acts as middleware between real-time process systems and transaction oriented business systems including MES and ERP environments.

Time and Space

Unlike most conventional manufacturing software that index by time or material ID, RQMS adds additional indices for machine-direction and cross-direction position. As a result, RQMS is particularly well suited to tracking positional data such as web gauging profiles and defect maps. In addition, RQMS employs an innovative tagless hierarchical binary storage technology that can efficiently archive years of high-fidelity surface data.

Make Educated Decisions

RQMS empowers users to make smarter decisions regarding the disposition of each and every roll. RQMS makes an up-to-the-second quality recommendation based on all available product and process data. RQMS can even advise the operator if all of the required data for product release is not yet available. In the unfortunate event that material is identified as being off-spec, RQMS can assist in finding a suitable downgrade path in order to minimize the scrap cost.

Case Studies

In 2020, a global manufacturer of advanced film products engaged Informetric Systems to deploy RQMS, or Roll Quality Management System. 

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