AgileDoc® Workflow Update 002

AgileDoc® Workflow Update 002

Informetric is pleased to announce the latest AgileDoc® Workflow update.

Features include:

  • The update streamlines the creation of the documentation bundle, referred to as an Envelope, generated during the workflow.
  • The Envelope is now accessible from external systems, such as MES or enterprise document management systems.
  • Additional search capability has been added. Users can now filter search results to find documents by comment, filename, and upload directory.
  • Steps in the workflow can be set to require comments.

AgileDoc® Workflow creates an expansive GMP context-based document review system to safely manage electronic records, attach associated documents and review process history. It provides an organized approach to collecting completed batch reports and routing to multiple departments for electronic review and approval.

If you are interested in the latest update to AgileDoc Workflow, contact