Introducing InfoBatch® InfoETL

Introducing InfoBatch® InfoETL

How can data from islands of automation become GMP compliant? InfoBatch® InfoETL is a product suite that can take stranded files from equipment skids, instruments, and HMIs and store them in a secure archive accessible to the InfoBatch reporting engine as well as third-party applications.

A GMP-Compliant Solution for Isolated Data

Numerous manufacturing systems generate text files that, if not handled appropriately, cause data integrity vulnerabilities. The potential risks on product integrity and release can be significant. Data files may also contain valuable operational information that cannot be effectively utilized without additional processing. When files need to be compliant, InfoBatch InfoETL is the solution.

Extract Data, Transform it into Meaningful Information, & Load into a Secure Repository

InfoBatch InfoETL can be used to process a wide range of manufacturing data. Typical inputs include CSV, XML, SQLite, and JSON files from a variety of devices including instruments and analyzers, equipment skids and HMIs. InfoETL transforms this data into a readable format, then loads it into a secure repository.

Go from uncontrolled, disorganized, and audit-risky data to organized, secure, and audit-ready information. Ready to learn more?