InfoBatch is the perfect complement to manufacturing automation and information systems. Since InfoBatch can contextualize process data from virtually any source, it has proven to be a useful tool for a wide range of reporting, analysis and optimization tasks. As a result, InfoBatch can play an important role in enabling lean manufacturing initiatives that are becoming more and more critical as manufacturers continue to consolidate and rationalize facilities.


InfoBatch is a value-added plug-in to third party automation systems, process historians and MES. InfoBatch report configuration and maintainance costs have proven to be considerably less than proprietary tools generally associated with these systems. An intuitive configuration tool enables straightforward report creation without custom programming. Customers and third-party integrators have been able to quickly deploy InfoBatch for a wide range of manufacturing intelligence applications.


Typical InfoBatch Applications:

  • Electronic Batch Records
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • OEE Reporting
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Morning Production Reports
  • Quality Studies


Dedicated Features:

  • Compatibility – InfoBatch conforms to industry standard data access protocols which ensures compatibility with most process historians, LIMS, MES, and ERP systems. The software can easily be deployed on existing information systems, thus avoiding expensive and disruptive upgrades.
  • All-encompassing – InfoBatch reports can address virtually every manufacturing activity including batch/product release, morning production reports, alarm management, cycle time analysis, energy consumption tracking, regulatory reporting and quality documentation.
  • Simple to configure and use – User-friendly Windows® and web browser client applications reduce training costs and encourage full utilization.
  • Reports created from the source – InfoBatch does not replicate data. It retrieves data from the original source each time a report is generated,
    thus eliminating the point of failure associated with replication.
  • Configured, not programmed – All InfoBatch configuration tasks are simple point-and-click operations. Reports are generated with less training, lower development costs and fewer errors.
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