Cycle Time Analysis

Cycle Time Analysis

Manufacturing facilities continually look for ways to reduce the cycle times of a process. Often, improved cycle times are the result of the identification and removal of bottlenecks. There are typically two types of bottlenecks, equipment-related or resource-related. Equipment related is associated with equipment downtime, operator response time, etc. Resources include demand for utilities, labor, and raw materials.

InfoBatch includes a Cycle Time Analysis Reporting feature that will assist your facility in the identification of bottlenecks.

InfoBatch has the ability to analyze cycle times, which enables identification of bottlenecks that have a significant impact on a facility’s overall production. The Cycle Time Analysis report can be formatted to calculate various data such as equipment availability, quality rate, OEE percentage, equipment downtime, operator performance, and more. Statistics and custom calculations can also be included in the report to help personnel determine areas in need of improvement.

Reports can assess a single machine/operator performance or compare the performance of multiple machines/operators. Reports can be generated per batch, product run or over a selected period of time.

The implementation of Cycle Time Analysis Reporting will help your facility improve overall production, lower costs, increase quality, reduce downtime, and refine process improvement initiatives. Efforts associated with manual data entry and analysis will be significantly reduced, improving the effectiveness of your employees and reducing overhead costs.

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