Introducing AgileDoc® Comparison Tool

Introducing AgileDoc® Comparison Tool

We are excited to announce the release of the AgileDoc® Comparison Tool.

AgileDoc is a Software Lifecycle (SLC) documentation suite. AgileDoc automatically generates documents from system source code, thus improving speed and accuracy while reducing cost and effort. AgileDoc for Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV™ enables comprehensive system documentation that spans virtually all aspects of the automation system, including recipes, formulas, sequential logic, equipment and control modules, and system I/O configuration.

The AgileDoc Comparison Tool enables users to quickly identify differences between any two DeltaV objects. This module assists customers in understanding changes that have occurred between two versions of the same object, as well as differences between two independent DeltaV objects. The tool can also be used to compare unlimited levels of child objects dependent of these overarching DeltaV objects.

Through the configuration environment, the AgileDoc® Comparison Tool allows users to to exclude certain elements that are not applicable to the comparison, thus highlighting only the functional differences between the selected objects.

The AgileDoc® Comparison Tool is interactive, allowing users to browse and compare objects on demand. Users can quickly spot differences which are highlighted as modifications, deletions, and additions. The option to deselect which of these categories are shown lets customers focus on specific differences within the report. For example, if one intends to compare the modifications between two objects, additions and deletions can be deselected.

Rather than individuals surfing through DeltaV configuration such as recipes and control logic to identify differences, the AgileDoc® Comparison Tool expedites the process, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. End users may deploy this tool for the following purposes:

  • Comparing separate DeltaV systems (dev to prod, prod to prod, site to site)
  • Identifying code changes that have occurred during an upgrade
  • Reconciling differences between a specific DeltaV system instance and standard library

The AgileDoc® Comparison Tool is now available. Contact us for more information.