Announcing InfoBatch® 4.1

Informetric is pleased to announce InfoBatch® 4.1. This latest release of InfoBatch incorporates features to increase report scalability and minimize report execution time.

Revamped Document Control

InfoBatch 4.1 incorporates a new server-based PDF generation engine.   PDF document properties such as page format, header/footer and optimization settings can be specified for each report version.  Changes to the document properties are managed under InfoBatch version control with an effective date.

The native PDF generation eliminates performance and reliability deficiencies with external PDF print drivers and ensures documents are generated in a uniform format with no variation due to client settings.

Optimization/Scalability for Electronic Batch Records (EBR)

InfoBatch 4.1 incorporates enhancements to increase scalability and performance when generating large documents that are common with EBR.  The report server now consumes less memory during execution.  In addition, a new optimization feature enables large reports to be generated in segments that are assembled in a final PDF, eliminating any limitations on report size.  The optimization also decreases report execution times.


InfoBatch 4.1 introduces a diagnostic feature that provides details associated with report execution.  When activated, a detailed diagnostic file indicates execution duration and memory utilization associated with each reporting step and can be used to identify performance bottlenecks associated with queries to external databases.

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