DeltaV™ Batch Historian Library

DeltaV™ Batch Historian Library

The Library Manager introduced in InfoBatch® 4.0 provides a mechanism for Informetric to distribute released libraries that facilitate configuration and deployment at customer sites.  The 3120 Library for the DeltaV Batch Historian was recently released, enabling end users to assemble reports from pre-configured building blocks.

The 3120 Library builds on many years of Informetric experience and countless successful deployments with DeltaV Batch.  The library includes a comprehensive set of pre-configured queries.  Once a report is connected with the appropriate library, the report configuration can specify appropriate filter conditions for that specific instance/use case.  Example queries include alarms, batch events, prompts/responses, recipe parameters, formula values, and report parameters.

The Library queries and sections were formally tested by Informetric prior to release.  While end users are advised to validate reports to verify that specific report configuration satisfies the functional requirements, the libraries can simplify the testing strategy.

Informetric will continue to release libraries for other systems and is soliciting requests from end users for future supported platforms. If you have any specific requests, reach out to